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Rule Financial

Delivering a Consistent Yet Flexible Way of Working

Rule Financial standardises on a company-wide delivery method, based on Ivar Jacobsen International (IJI) essential practices.

  • IJI helps Rule Financial introduce a standard, yet exible way of working across engagements
  • Rule Financial staff are able to deliver projects on a solid foundation of proven practices
  • The method offers a simple vocabulary for assessing, tracking and progressing projects, shared among management and project teams
"As a business we are very focused on continuous improvement through lessons learnt, the concept of which is embedded into our governance framework. Our objective is simple - consistent on time and on budget delivery of projects. Utilising a standard method allows us to map any lessons learnt to Project: rulebook™, and its flexibility enables us to adjust quickly and easily.” Stuart Gallie, Global Head of Quality Assurance & Method, Rule Financial