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Essence and Essence WorkBench™ (formerly TeamSpace) your secret to success!


If you are interested in the Value of Essence and Essence WorkBench™ and how that technology can help teams optimize their development capability, then you are in the right place!

The set of videos presented in this article attempt to summarize the values of the Essence standard and the associated tooling Essence Workbench™.

The introductory video here is the best place to start. It provides a neat summary and introduction to the various video series accessible via the info-graphic below. We have provided an index aside also as a map to help navigation, enjoy!

Video Summary Introduction

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* A Note About The Videos: We are constantly finding more and better ways to describe Essence, and improving and iterating its tooling. Therefore, this set of videos will change as we improve their content, presentation style, tooling examples, etc. Accordingly, feedback on how they can be improved will be greatly appreciated. Please Contact Us with any feedback. However, even today, they represent a good insight into the many use cases of Essence and should provide viewers with enough information to allow them to evaluate Essence and see how it could benefit them.

Info-graphic showing the various learning paths through the Essence and Essence WorkBench learning videos

Why Essence? Next Steps! Essence Use Cases Practices in Essence Essence WorkBench What is Essence Really? The AI Differentiator Essence UX & Gameplay

Video Series

Why Essence?

A journey though how the standard came about and how the paradigm shift to Essence will change how we think about methods. A quick look at some of the key ambassadors for the Essence standard and practices, with a dive into some of the key value propositions.

Essence Use Cases

A quick look at how people and teams use the Essence technology from a number of perspectives. A look at authoring practices initially through to how to use them to base a transformational change initiative. Endeavor health-checks, progress measuring, compliance and more.

Practices in Essence

A dive into how Practices are codified using the Essence standard so they are extremely useful as learning aids, but also so that they can seamlessly inter-operate with other Essence practices to form your way-of-working.

Essence WorkBench™

A journey into Essence WorkBench™, an interactive software-as-a-service platform designed to help teams and organizations make use of Essence and Essence codified practices. Understand interactive gameplay around your ways-of-working and how to undertake practice agnostic health-checks.

What is Essence Really?

A glance under-the-hood of Essence. Understand its structure and power and how, after 50+ years of talking at crossed purposes, Essence allows the methods industry to start talking the same language.

The AI Differentiator

Understand how the logic and structure of Essence and Essence codified practices opens up limitless possibilities for AI to change how we think about ways-of-working and how they are taught and enacted.

Essence UX and Gameplay

A dive into the user experience of Essence. How the poker-sized card metaphor for practice guidance is helping accelerate learning and how it supports serious gameplay to boost productivity and understanding.

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