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Agile Leadership London Meetup

Agile Development in Regulated Environments

Many software development organisations in compliance driven, regulated industries are looking to adopt and/or successfully scale agile programmes with the goal of introducing best practices that will help them accelerate ahead of their competitors, drive down development costs and improve the effectiveness of their approach to regulatory compliance. Due to the emphasis on documentation and defined processes in these environments, plan-based lifecycles and approaches continue to linger – even as organisations attempt to go agile.

In this Meetup session, Brian Tucker, SPCT & Principal Consultant with IJI, will share his experiences and insights on how agile techniques can be applied to develop systems in regulated environments where proof of adherence to formal requirements is critical. Using IEC61508 (Functional safety of electronic safety-related systems) as an example, Brian will discuss how different agile practices can be mapped to regulatory requirements.

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