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A Better Scrum With Essence

Presenter: Dr Ivar Jacobson

Scrum is the most adopted software engineering practice ever created. Millions of developers around the world are using it. It has been taught for more than 25 years and hence we would understand your scepticism if we told you that we had a way to make it radically better.

Essence does this!

We use Essence, an international standard, as a platform to present Scrum. This makes Scrum easier to learn, adopt, modify, use in daily life and to use in conjunction with other software engineering practices. The subject of a recent blog by Dr Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, ‘A Better Scrum with Essence’, Essence focuses on the real ‘essence’ of any practice which is why our new practice is called ‘Scrum Essentials’. The practice is presented using an engaging user experience comprising poker-sized cards with many serious games to help teams in different situations to improve their Scrum implementations. In particular, the Scrum Essentials practice can result in a better retrospective, improved selection of process improvements for each sprint, a more effective Daily Scrum and a more valuable shippable increment of product at every Sprint Review.

By using Essence as the unifying platform it becomes possible for the first time to properly ‘compose’ the new ‘Scrum Essentials’ with other practices forming complete methods that are rightsized for the teams that use them. Essence is unique in that it also allows teams to measure the progress and health of their endeavours in a practice agnostic way.

Dr Jeff Sutherland, with assistance from Ian Spence at Ivar Jacobson International, has designed Scrum Essentials and [email protected] Essentials using the Essence standard as a base. According to Jeff:

the cards have been used to have teams “Build Their Own Scrum” to clarify what parts of their implementation need work and define process improvements that need to be made in each sprint. Work with these cards with hundreds of teams shows that the average Scrum team implements 1/3 of the 21 components of Scrum well, 1/3 of the components poorly, and 1/3 of pieces of Scrum not at all. Daily practice with only a third of components working well is like driving a car with wheels missing. Exercises with these cards are dramatically revealing about how practices should work, how people on the same team may have different ideas about what practices are, and what a team needs to do next to improve their process. One participant in this exercise using the Scrum cards said he learned more about Scrum in one hour with the Essence cards than he did in the previous six years of being on a Scrum team.

Jeff summarizes: “Essence is the key to driving success”.

Essence provides ‘tools’ never before available. Importantly, Essence:

  • allows organizations to create practice libraries from which teams can select the practices they see fit and create their own methods by composing them and
  • enables Live Guidance™; methods are no longer just buried in books, papers, web sites and videos - methods give active guidance for a teams daily work.

That is why we’d like to invite you to Join us on 02nd December 2020 - 5 - 6 pm (GMT) for a webinar “A Better Scrum with Essence” Led by Dr Ivar Jacobson.

In this short webinar we will provide an overview of:

  1. Essence and why it is so important
  2. The new Scrum Essentials practice - includes a demo of the new Essence in Practice™ App - a tool that is about to change how we practice Scrum successfully!

Register for the Webinar here: