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Alpha State Cards: Get Started

Congratulations on receiving your new deck(s) of Alpha State Cards. We hope you find them helpful and valuable. We have a number of additional items that will help you to get started using the cards.

Step One
Download Reference Guide

Get a brief introduction to the Alphas and Alpha State Cards. If you’re new to Essence, you’ll want to read up about the Alphas and how they work.


Step Two
Interactive Games with Team

We typically use them on a wall or whiteboard to visually display where we are and what we want to focus on next. Have a go yourself!


Step Three
Join the Community

This is a Linkedin group for users of Alpha State Cards to share their experiences and ideas. Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you!


Looking for More Guidance?

Essence Can Help!

We’ve helped organizations big and small scale agile using our practice-based approach based on the Essence Standard Kernel and Language. The Alpha State Cards are a manifestation of the Essence Kernel but you can do so much more with Essence. We can provide guidance to use Essence to:

  • Create ‘pluggable’ practices from different sources that can be connected together to form a cohesive way of working
  • Move away from a monolithic process that is unchangeable to connected modular practices that can be swapped in and out to form your process
  • Create independent practices as needed that can evolve into a library of reusable and adaptable practices.

Essence can help your teams adapt ‘on-the-fly’ and respond to changing demands and challenges quickly while your organization will benefit with a shared language and common health and progress indicators that will improve communication and increase transparency.

Give us a call and get started today.

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