Private Agile Training Courses

Courses just for your people

Sometimes sending people on public courses just won’t work right?  You may have a specific problem around which you need your people to swarm.  Or you may need the trainer to emphasize a specific topic or issue…

If so, a private “company dedicated” agile training course might be the perfect solution.  Check-out the sections below that set out the key aspects of our offering…  for more information or to talk about timings / logistics, please contact us!  

Private Agile Training - Ivar Jacobson

How we can help

From Vietnam to the UAE, London to Tokyo, we have organized and run bespoke client training courses all over the world.  We typically need ten students for a specific course to make it viable, but can handle up to ~25 people per instance.  The normal pattern is for the client to provide the office space, training facilities / catering etc. we provide the training materials, necessary licences (where applicable) and great trainers.  Check out our Curriculum for the wide range of courses we can provide!  Please contact us for a conversation to start planning your course or scroll down to read about remote courses.

Agile Training by Ivar Jacobson International

The Admin is Covered

We understand that there is significant work in organizing professional training events.  Included in our offering is the course administration including:

  • Student invites and joining instructions
  • Training Material provision including (where appropriate), printing and shipping to site
  • Licence handling, issue of digital badge certification or course attendance certificates
  • Where necessary, external venue booking and logistics
Use Cases and Essence Training

Location / time zone Flexibility

We can train pretty much anywhere.  We have trainers based in a number of countries around the world, but a typical pattern is to fly the expert to the team for the training.  That way we can always ensure the best of the best.  Our trainers often adapt their working day to fit the time zone of the students, especially when working remotely.

Worldwide agile training

Remote Courses Available

We were early pioneers of the switch to remote training when the pandemic hit and since then have built up huge experience of the remote delivery of training.  Our team have been trail-blazing with the key collaboration tools, Mural, Zoom, Msft Teams etc. to put together the best possible experience for students.  When we deliver remotely, we typically do so via a greater number of shorter online sessions (than we would for physical delivery).  We find that is the best way to keep student engagement (and fun ;) ) high.  This pattern also helps when trying to co-ordinate the time zones of people in diverse locations simultaneously.

Typical Charging Model

We can be flexible with the arrangements, but a typical pattern is a fixed fee for the first ten students.  A reduced price-per-head is then quoted for students above ten up to 25 per course.  That way we cover the minimum number of students required to make the course viable.  We operate on a two-week cancellation window to keep things clear for everyone.  We understand that getting students confirmed can sometimes be a labour intensive undertaking! (herding cats ;) )  We can handle various different currencies and will invoice following the course on standard 30-day terms.

Our Curriculum

We have a wide range of courses available that we can train just for you.  From Agile and Scaled Agile to Use Case Modelling and the new Essence standard, we have courses to help your teams develop better, faster, cheaper and happier!  Please download our course prospectus aside for a comprehensive list. 

Agile Prospectus

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