Agile Business Consortium

The Agile Business Consortium is the leading not-for-profit professional body for promoting and enabling business agility worldwide. We work with partners and alliances to develop, evaluate and share Agile practice and to develop free and commercial products for our partners to take to market. The direct descendant of the DSDM Consortium, we encourage an agnostic and client-centred approach to the use of Agile methods and frameworks. We are the brains behind AgilePM®, AgileBA® and AgilePgM® and organisers of the longest running Agile Business Conference in the world. With the support of APMG International we have accredited over 300 training organisations worldwide and certified over 100,000 Agile Project Managers, Business Analysts and Programme Managers; and we’re still growing.


DiVetro is an independent consultancy company that specializes in answering and implementing IT-related strategic issues. More specifically, we focus on the areas of Analysis, Sourcing and Management. Our knowledge and experience are mainly in the government, healthcare and education sectors. The strategy and business objectives of our customers are the driving force behind our work. We add value to the business of our customers and contribute directly to the achievement of their business objectives. Our process is independent and transparent. We give practical and honest advice and keep what we do simple and understandable to the stakeholders.


HOOD is a leading provider of requirements management and requirements engineering services in Germany. HOOD is an organization that people want to work with. Customer satisfaction is the basis for our business and we want to be established as a reliable and long term partner for all our customers. We ensure that all results are delivered with consideration to the customer's business and culture.

Info Support

Info Support BV provides solid and innovative software solutions that enable organizations to realize their company targets. Their service portfolio consists of Training, Professional Software Development, Business Intelligence, Life Cycle Management and Hosting.


KravXperts are specialists in requirements and workshops. They offer both consulting and training in our specialist field as requirements analysts, claims managers and mentor requirements. KravXperts is located in Stockholm, Sweden.


Satalyst is a leading provider of IT business solutions in Australia. Their mission is to generate unequivocal business results for clients, staff and shareholders through utilising world-class practices that ensure repeatability and quality outcomes. Satalyst has expertise in the delivery of solutions in industries ranging from defence, finance, mining and government.

Scaled Agile, Inc.

Scaled Agile, Inc.’s mission is to help enterprises achieve the capabilities, culture and business benefits that successful implementation of scaled Lean and Agile practices can provide. To achieve this, Scaled Agile provides consulting, training, certification and process tooling based on the Scaled Agile Framework, a proven, publicly-facing knowledge base of effective practices for Lean | Agile adoption at enterprise scale.

Scrum Inc.

Scrum Inc. is the world’s leading authority on Scrum, the most widely used Agile management framework. We provide training, consulting, and counsel to companies and individuals. We are also thought leaders in the industry publishing mainstream books, scientific papers, case studies, blogs, and creating online educational content. Founded by Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum, Scrum Inc. has helped hundreds of companies fundamentally re-shape themselves to face a changing world, dramatically increase productivity, and drive profound growth.