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Where Essentialized Practices are Born!

Practice Workbench™ (formerly Essence in Practice Workbench™) is a development environment for composing, authoring, collaborating and managing software development practices and methods. Its comprehensive features and robust capabilities ensure a professional, intuitive and productive authoring and development experience.  It is designed for practice authors and method engineers and allows them to focus on the essential business value of the practices and methods they create.

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Visualize and Publish

  • Innovative card-based representation; including overview cards for practice elements, as well as ”Poker” cards, including alpha state cards.
  • Publication of methods, practices and kernels as browsable HTML web-sites (check out our free-to-browse Practice Library as an example), printable cards, or as XML to fuel the advanced team productivity tool Essence WorkBench™ (formerly Essence in Practice TeamSpace™).
  • Provides a platform and web browser independent installation.
  • Configurable preview and deployment facilities for practice element cards and guidelines; including multiple content and style settings to fine-tune practice visualizations.
Practice Workbench Feature Summary

Author & Maintain

  • Easy creation and maintenance of practice elements through a model-based approach and dedicated forms
  • Easy to describe practice element guidelines through a simple lightweight markup language and a supporting editor
  • Straightforward to share practice results between users by the means of organized workspaces, projects, plug-ins; and built-in version control
  • Practice template creation and deployment that lets an organization configure and streamline its own practice development effort
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Standardize and Compose

  • Adopts the Essence language and kernel for practice and method specifications
  • Localization by adapting practice descriptions to use different languages
  • Supports composition of practices into streamlined methods for use by development teams
  • Built-in installation (based on Eclipse) and update mechanism for the Practice Workbench tool in itself; as well as for add-on software components and practices
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