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Building a Libary of Modular and Reusable Practices

Essence is the Key

By applying Essence and Essentializing your Practices, your organization can stop the method wars. Teams no longer have to decide on one method but rather can build a library of practices that can be swapped in and out and adapted to make a desired process at any given time.

We have some practices ready to go that you can begin using today or give us a call and we can help you Essentialize your own custom practices and methods.

Practice Library Get Started with Practice Library

Agile Essentials Starter Pack

The Agile Essentials practices provide a basic starter kit of seven practices that cover all the common and critical aspects of team-based development. Each practice contains a small number of cards that provide useful, structured advice on how to successfully adopt and apply each practice.

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Agile at Scale Essentials Practice Pack

Each practice in the Agile at Scale collection is designed to address a common challenge associated with scaling agile. Organizations can use them as starting points and work with IJI to evolve their own tailored organizational practice library.

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Unified Process

Ivar Jacobson International has Essentialized a number of the Unified Process practices that each address specific software-development problems. Use them one at at time, or combine them as needed to create your own methodology.

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Essence Keeps it Simple and Light

All of our practices contain guidance presented in an easy card-based format. Using cards means that the guidance is concise and focused. The practice guidance focuses on the essentials: the things that you always need to do and the competencies required in order to be successful.

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