Example Alpha State Checklist to Track Progress

This article explains how to track progress of an Endeavor using the Essence standard and the key concept of Alphas.

Infographic summarizing the various paths through the Essence and Essence WorkBench video summaries

If you are interested in the Value of Essence and Essence WorkBench™ and how that technology can help teams optimize their development capability, then you are in the right place...

A collection of Essence Activity Space Cards

The Activity Spaces are an often-overlooked aspect of Essence. These 15 descriptions of types of common activities that all software development teams will do are often overshadowed by the specific activities from Practices. But as this article shows they have value in their own right and can be a powerful tool to help teams improve.

Image showing a fan of some Essence based Spotify Essentials Practice Cards.  Use to teach people about the spotify software development approach.

If you try find a definitive description of ‘The Spotify Model’ you will most likely end up frustrated. There are some old videos and blog posts, and lots of internet articles claiming that it isn’t a ‘proper’ framework and that even Spotify doesn’t use it. Yet, it is reported as the fourth most popular scaled agile framework according to the 15th State of Agile Report and there are thousands of companies claiming to be using it.  So, what is it? And if you want to adopt it, where do you start?

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