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The Economics of Iterative Software Development - (2009)

Steering Toward Better Business Results

Effective software development is no longer merely an IT concern: today, it is crucial to the entire enterprise. However, most businesspeople are not ready to make informed decisions about software initiatives. The Economics of Iterative Software Development: Steering Toward Better Business Results will prepare them. Drawing on decades of software development and business experience, the book demonstrates how to utilize practical, economics-based techniques to plan and manage software projects for maximum return on technology investments.

It begins with dispelling widespread myths about software costs, explaining why traditional, “engineering-based” software management introduces unacceptable inefficiencies in today’s development environments. Next, it demonstrates to business and technical managers how to combine the principles of economics and iterative development to achieve optimal results with limited resources. Using the techniques illustrated in the book, readers will learn how to build systems that enable maximum business innovation and process improvement–and implement software processes that allow them to do so consistently.

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