Agile at Scale Essentials Cards and Games for Software Teams

A modularized set of interchangeable practices that enable organizations to scale agile smoothly as part of a tailored transformation program that delivers value early and often, and builds a flexible and long-lasting library of practices, able to flex and grow over time in response to changing technology and business challenges.

Agile Essentials Cards and Games for Software Teams

The Agile Essentials practices provide a basic starter kit toolbox that covers all the common and critical aspects of team-based development. Each practice contains a small number of cards that provide useful, structured advice on how to successfully adopt and apply each practice.

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Use the Alpha State Cards and games to understand where you are and what needs to be addressed, track progress and health, keep projects in balance and avoid catastrophic failures, form good sprint goals and other objectives and define practice independent checkpoints, milestones and life-cycles.

Agile Tools - Alpha State Cards, part of the Essence Agility Product Set

Alpha State Cards are a simple, easy way to track status of a software project and help plan next steps.

So what does it mean for a Feature to be “Ready”? And just as importantly when do they need to be “Ready”?** Definition of Ready can be a dangerous thing leading to waterfall behavior and strict hand-overs between Product Owners and their teams. To help resolve these issues, IJI has developed a set of 6 mini-checklist cards that together define the lifecycle of a Feature to use when preparing features for PI Planning.

A set of nine double-sided SAFe Principle Cards. Handy cards for SAFe Product Owners and Managers to use to assess how well the SAFe Principles are understood and applied.

Ivar Jacobson International produced the cards in conjunction with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum - applying the Essence standard to build a helpful reference guide to the essential elements of Scrum. The cards make it easier to communicate with team members, improve team collaboration and provide better overviews.

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