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Dean Leffingwell of Scaled Agile Inc. is Guest Speaker at IT Seminar in London

Executive Round Table & SAFe 4.0 Overview

Two-Part Seminar includes Executive Round Table with Special Guest John Plumpton of Deutsche Bank followed by SAFe 4.0 Seminar Led by Leading Agile Authorities

February 17, 2016, London – Ivar Jacobson International today announced that it will be hosting a two-part morning event with special guest Dean Leffingwell, Co-founder & Chief Methodologist of the Scaled Agile Framework. The morning will kick-start with a senior executive round-table session: The Essential Role of Leadership: Successfully Adopting SAFe® & Mastering Organisational Change co-facilitated by Mr. Leffingwell and John Plumpton, VP & Senior Program Manager in Finance Risk and P&L at Deutsche Bank. Following the round-table will be a larger open session providing an overview on the recently announced SAFe 4.0 led by agile authorities: Mr. Leffingwell and IJI Principal Consultants and Scaled Agile Program Consultant Trainers (SPCTs) Ian Spence and Brian Tucker.

“I’m looking forward to leading lively discussions during these sessions. Collaboration and feedback is at the core of SAFe 4.0, which is the result of collaboration with some of the largest and most successful software and systems companies in the world,” said Dean Leffingwell, SAI co-founder and Chief Methodologist. “With complex cyber-physical systems becoming increasingly software reliant, there is a growing demand for best practices to address conceptual and process incompatibilities between systems and software. SAFe 4.0 bridges that gap, and does so in a way that is more modular, scalable, and adaptable than prior versions.” The morning session will run as follows:

Part One: Executive Round-Table Session: The Essential Role of Leadership: Successfully Adopting SAFe® & Mastering Organisational Change Commencing at 8:00 a.m.

This part of the event is for senior business and IT executives, and decision makers who are planning or considering introducing SAFe within their organisation. Mr. Leffingwell and Mr. Plumpton will discuss the important role senior executives play as Change Leaders driving the success of an agile transformation programme. This is a unique opportunity to participate in stimulating discussion with recognized authorities on lean-agile development and hear first-hand about a successful SAFe roll-out at Deustsche Bank as well as networking with fellow senior executives.

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Part Two: Introducing SAFe 4.0: Understanding the ‘Big Picture’
A Panel Presentation of Leading Lean-Agile Authorities
Commencing 10:00 a.m.

SAFe 4.0 incorporates learning from all prior releases into a single, more scalable and modular framework. Mr. Leffingwell will kick-start this part of the session with an overview of what’s new in SAFe 4.0 and the business and technical reasons that drove the new release. Mr. Spence and Mr. Tucker of Ivar Jacobson International will share best examples from customer engagements including key considerations when making an agile transformation decision.

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*Space is limited and Ivar Jacobson International reserves the right to choose applicants for the event.