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IJI China Plays Key Role at China National Software Expo

June 01, 2013

The China National Software Expo - Software Process Improvement Conference took place between May 30th - June 1st in Beijing. IJI participated as one of three headline sponsors of the event, which attracted around 600 people.

IJI played 2 key roles at this conference: firstly as one of eight appointed service providers to China Q Plan, the highest profile IT project run by the State Council of China, which aims to improve the quality of Chinese software companies, software products, and software engineers; and secondly as the founder and key supporter of the SEMAT initiative in China, SEMAT being a core foundational component of the China Q Plan.

IJI China presented a dedicated session on advanced software engineering practices and international trends in software engineering, reflecting the special recognition given to IJI by the China Software Association. Speakers included Ivar Jacobson, Pan Wei Ng, and Ken Fang.