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IJI Plays to a Full House at Agile 2013, Nashville

Agile 2013 rocked for Ivar Jacobson International! The energy was high all week, and the traffic at the IJI booth was amazing. We had many great discussions on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as the basis for true scalable delivery, standing by the SAFe “big picture” that was prominent on our booth backdrop. As a Scaled Agile Gold Partner, we also had the privilege of having Dean Leffingwell spend time with us on Wednesday and Thursday - giving a number of excited attendees a very thorough understanding of the “what” and the “why” of SAFe.

Wednesday morning, IJI’s European and American CTOs, Ian Spence and Ed Seidewitz, gave a successful workshop using the “Alpha State Cards” for monitoring the progress and health of a software endeavor and achieving agile governance.

The cards proved to be really popular, and we were kept busy at the booth handing them out to attendees who want to “play with a full deck”!

Dean was an early supporter of the effort that led to the software engineering “kernel” represented by the cards. And we are looking forward to many future discussions on further supporting SAFe with this approach.

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