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Ivar Jacobson International Brings Enterprise-Scale Agile Software Development to the Netherlands

London, UK

Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) today announced that DiVetro BV has become an IJI Business Partner in the Netherlands. This marks the beginning of a relationship where DiVetro will be taking IJI’s innovative practice-based development approach to the Dutch market.

IJI’s practice-based approach to software development enables consulting firms and end customers to easily create flexible, tailor-made development approaches to exactly fit the needs of their project. The approach uses lean and agile principles and enables the application of agile software development to strategic, enterprise-scale projects.

The approach is supported by IJI’s Essential Practices and EssWork, both of which will be licenced by DiVetro under the terms of the agreement.

“The Essential Practices are lean and light – they provide just enough guidance to support agile development approaches across large communities of practitioners. In this way they are a real enabler of enterprise-scale agile software development. I am very happy to have DiVetro on-board as our business partner in the Netherlands”, said Agneta Jacobson, VP Sales & Marketing for IJI.

DiVetro will go through IJI’s standard partner certification process, to ensure the quality of services delivered using the IJI approach. Once certified, DiVetro will be able to provide Essential Practice and EssWork based consulting, coaching and practitioner certification services to its customers.

“Taking the Essential Practices into our portfolio has allowed DiVetro to deliver additional value to our clients in the Netherlands. Our partnership with IJI and our certification will enable us to transfer the benefits of an adaptable process to clients in a professional and authentic manner “, said Patrick Rikken, Managing Director for DiVetro BV.

For more details on IJI’s practice-based development approach, visit:

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About IJI:

IJI is a global services company providing high quality consulting, coaching and training solutions for customers implementing enterprise-scale agile software development. IJI improves the performance of software development teams by introducing new practices, and removing barriers to their wider adoption. Through the provision of high calibre people, innovative practices, and proven solutions, IJI ensures that its customers achieve strong business/IT alignment, high performing teams, and projects that deliver. More information available at:

About DiVetro:

DiVetro is an independent consultancy company that specializes in answering and implementing IT-related strategic issues. More specifically, we focus on the areas of Analysis, Sourcing and Management. Our knowledge and experience are mainly in the government, healthcare and education sectors. The strategy and business objectives of our customers are the driving force behind our work. We add value to the business of our customers and contribute directly to the achievement of their business objectives. Our process is independent and transparent. We give practical and honest advice and keep what we do simple and understandable to the stakeholders. More information is available at:

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