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Alpha State Cards Guide  - Agile Coaching Tools

This Reference Guide provides a brief introduction to the Alphas and Alpha State Cards. It is designed to support the use the Alpha State Cards by software development teams and, in particular, the games that can be played with them.

A New Software Engineering

The term paradigm shift may be a bit overused these days; nevertheless, the kernel-based Essence approach to software engineering can quite reasonably be considered to be such a shift. It truly represents a profound change of viewpoint for the software-engineering community. In this paper, Ivar Jacobon and Ed Seidewitz explore what happened to to the promise of rigorous, disciplined, professional practices for software development, like those observed in other engineering disciplines and explain how the Essence standard is the answer.

Kernel Journal Cover Page image

Roly Stimson, Principal Consultant with Ivar Jacobson International, has been blogging on the topic of a software practice Kernel. These posts are now put together into an 'ejournal'. Download and read at your leisure on your laptop or hand-held device.

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