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Additional Slides SAFe Training Inserts (widescreen).pptx The additional slides that were shown during the training course. This includes the animated slides showing the practicalities of how teams run the breakouts during PI Planning, a simplified buildup of the big-picture and a simplified Portfolio Kanban flow description.
Please see presenters notes for descriptions of the slides.
SAFe Buildup SAFe Buildup Videos A series of videos that build SAFe up from first principles. The Powerpoint for the buildup is here, the script is here.
Scaled Agile Summit Videos Vimeo Album The starting point to get to all of Scaled Agile’s Videos including past Global Summits.


Dual Operating Systems Dual Operating Systems Presentation SAFe Fellow Ian Spence’s 2020 SAFe Summit presentation on The Dual Operating Systems.
Dual Operating Systems The Dual Operating System: The Key to Sustainable Business Agility Ian Spence’s 2021 SAFe Summit Presention. Located on the SAFe Community Site and only available to SPCs.
SAFe Principle Cards SAFeCardsA4_2021_V5.pdf
How to use the SAFe® Principle Cards is described in a blog post: SAFe® Principles Card Games
Traffic Simulation Traffic Simulation A visual illustration of utilisation levels; as discussed in SAFe Principle #6. Increase the Inflow to 2330 and the bottleneck starts to cause a tailback.
Utilisation Resource Utilisation Trap A short video by Herik Knieberg describing what high utilisation levels do to throughput.
Dan Pink : Drive RSA Animate - Drive This lively RSA Animate, adapted from Dan Pink’s talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.
Organizational Culture Information Flow Cultures A video in which Dr. Ron Westrum discusses information flow in organizations and how managers shape values and behavior.
Organizational Culture DevOps culture: Westrum organizational culture DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), thoughts on organizational culture
Organizational Culture Westrums Cultural Typology Assessment Westrums Cultural Typology Assessment

Agile Release Trains

SAFe and Kanban SAFe and Kanban.pptx A short presentation illustrating how the events in the Kanban Process map across to events within the Scaled Agile Framework; so that teams can utilse the Kanban process if appropriate.
Sample Program Kanbans Sample Program Kanbans (from PPM meetup).pptx The first rule of Kanban boards is to make them your own. This presentation gives some real world examples of Program level Kanban boards showing some of the processes involved and tricks for increasing visibility of work and Work-In-Process limits. Some of the material is taken from Essential Kanban Condensed.
Story Splitting Flowchart Story-Splitting-Flowchart.pdf The poster for how to slice stories. Attributable to Richard Lawrence who’s blog can be found at
PI Planning Scrum Master Checklist PI Planning Scrum Master Checklist.pdf A checklist for Scrum Masters to use during PI Planning to change the Scrum-Of-Scrums to management by exception
Epics Features Stories Handout Epics Features Stores Handout Laminate.pdf The handout containing the rules behind the size of Epics, Features and Stories with accompanying examples.
Preparing Features A series of blog posts on Preparing Features for PI Planning - Just Say No to Waterfall Thinking
Weighted Shortest Job First A blog post on the subtleties of the Weighted Shortest Job First mechanic.
Decentralising Outwards & Upwards Decentralising Outwards & Upwards Brian’s 2020 European SAFe Summit Presention that covers Roadmaps and some of the subtleties of WSJF. Check the presenters notes for the Script.
Writing Good PI Objectives A series of blog posts on Writing Good PI Objectives
Management Review & Problem Solving A series of blog posts on Management Review & Problem Solving
The Program Board Program Board A series of blog posts on The Program Board, how it’s set up, how it’s used both in PI Planning and Execution.
Dispersed PI Planning A series of blog posts on Dispersed PI Planning events with a focus on what you should think about when preparing for a Dispersed Planning Event rather than explicit instructions on how to do.
Liberating Structures Website A set of games, exercises and practices that can be used to generate insight during Feature creation, Retrospectives, etc… There is an accompanying book
Innovation Games Wikipedia Article A set of games to run with customers to generate insight about what they want. There is an accompanying book.
Scaled Agile Inc. bought Conteno the company that produced Innovation Games so the games are integrated into the SAFe Collaborate tool available through the community site.
Small Scale SAFe Small Scale SAFe Ian Spence’s Summit presentation on Running Small Value Streams in a SAFe Environment

Lean Portfolio Management

Purpose Of Lean Portfolio Managment Purpose Of Lean Portfolio Managment Brian’s overview of Lean Portfolio Management. Accompanies a blog here.
On The Nature Of Lean Portfolios A series of blog posts On The Nature Of Lean Portfolios, explore Portfolio Styles, WSJF at the Portfolio, Managing Investments, Epic Lifecycle and much more
Horizons Guardrail Geoffrey Moore uploaded a useful 45 minute video about the 3 horizons and his “4 zones” that form one of the guardrails for a Portfolio.
Horizons Capacity Split Managing Your Innovation Portfolio Harvard Business Review, May 2012. This is a payway site; you have 2 free views
McKinsey 3 Horizons Managing Your Innovation Portfolio The 3 horzions orginated at McKinsey, this is their presentation about the 3 Horions.
Portfolio Canvases You could consider buying this book Business Model Generation, or access their website
Portfolio Kanban Explained Portfolio Kanban Explained Two videos showing how the Portfolio Kanban works and the decisions that can influence Epics’ progress across the Kanban. The videos accompany blog posts here.
Event Calendar & Portfolio Kanban Mural Board A Mural Board showing an Event Calendar and the Portfolio Kanban.
Relational Contracts A New Approach To Contracts Harvard Business Review, September 2019. This is a payway site; you have 2 free views
Adopt LPM Website More detail on Adopting LPM as part of a SAFe Transformation. Currently hiding in the SAFe Community website as part of a “soft release” rather than being available through the main framework website.
Portfolio Meetings Portfolio Meetings A quick sketch showing the information flow between meetings at the Portfolio Level. This has been expanded into a blog post as part of the On The Nature of Lean Portfolios series.
Economics Of Value Delivery Economics Of Value Delivery A presentation by Cindy VanEpps from the SAFe 2019 Summit that describes how you can get to the costs (the impact on your bottom line) of not doing the agile process.
Participatory Budgeting Citizen future: Why we need a new story of self and society An interesting article on the BBC website that talks about how societies are changing. One fact nugget from the article is that Paris is running a 100m euro round of participatory budgeting and the Citizens Assembly sounds like the steering activities from collaborative generation of future states.
Incentivisation On the folly of rewarding A, while hoping for B It might be almost 30 years old, but as the title suggests it’s an Academy of Management Executive classic text


Small Scale SAFe ART Preparation Timeline.pptx Ian Spence talking about Running Small Value Streams in a SAFe Environment from the SAFe 2018 Summit
ART Preparation Timeline ART Preparation Timeline.pptx Powerpoint illustrating potential preparation timeline for an Agile Release Train.


Online Training Exercises IJI Online SPC & LSAFe SAFe exercises v1.1.pptx The additional slides that were used to facilitate the exercise during online training course.

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