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Agile Enterprise Solutions | SAFe Executive Briefing

An overview for senior managers, executives and decision makers

This half-day briefing is aimed at organizations exploring SAFe, considering whether it is right for them, and seeking senior management buy-in. The session explores SAFe at a high level, how it benefits organizations, and how to successfully adopt it. Firmly aimed at executives the briefing will provide them with sufficient knowledge to determine whether SAFe is the appropriate way forward for their organization. Opportunities will also be provided for discussions on the business and technical drivers for the adoption, and examining some of the challenges and benefits associated with a SAFe adoption.

  • Appropriate during the evaluation of SAFe, prior to making any commitments to adopting it
  • Half-day session
  • Consists of briefings, presentations and discussions

SAFe Gold Partner


To provide senior managers and decision makers with:
  • A basic understanding of agile and lean principles applied at scale
  • Sufficient knowledge to implement and make informed decisions about adoption
  • An understanding of the impact of SAFe on their organization and challenges likely to be encountered during SAFe adoption
  • Knowledge of the potential benefits that SAFe can bring and examples from SAFe adoption within other organizations