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Agile in Regulated Environments

Many software development organisations in compliance driven, regulated industries are looking to adopt and/or successfully scale agile programs with the goal of introducing best practices that will help them accelerate ahead of their competitors, drive down development costs and improve the effectiveness of their approach to regulatory compliance. Due to the emphasis on documentation and defined processes in these environments, plan-based lifecycles and approaches continue to linger – even as organisations attempt to go agile.

IJI’s experienced consultants can arrive on-site equipped with powerful tools and years of experience to help you apply agile techniques to develop systems in regulated environments where proof of adherence to formal requirements is critical.

  • Build Agile confidence across the organization and ensure senior stakeholders support and help drive cultural change
  • Deliver more value to the business faster and ensure the organization can cope with the rate of change
  • Ensure an Agile approach addresses the needs of regulators and regulations
  • Foster the skills and mind-set for change

Agile Transformation in a Heavily Regulated Environment

In this recorded webinar, Gary Dawson, Assistant Director Solutions Delivery at NHS Blood and Transplant, a heavily regulated environment, presented how the NHSBT moved from a waterfall environment to an agile one using the Scaled Agile Framework with coaching support from Ivar Jacobson International.

IJI consultants, equipped with experience, knowledge and a number of powerful and effective tools, can help your organization become, maintain and scale agility whilst adhering to regulatory requirements.

Our deep knowledge of Agile processes allows our consultants to map an organization’s regulatory needs onto your Agile process. We understand and have applied best practices created from years of experience to know what works and what doesn’t. We can help:

  • Educate about Agile and regulatory concerns - when to address them in an Agile process and how they can be handled without breaking Agility.
  • Map the needs of the regulatory regime onto your Agile development framework.
  • Run training to ensure the organization understands how Agile and regulations map together.

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