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Agile Release Train Quickstart

A Five Day Immersion Experience for Agile Programs

Ideal for organizations adopting SAFe for the first time, this (typically) 5 day immersion experience provides SAFe training for 50-100 people, organized as 8-12 newly formed Scrum teams within a common program. The ART Quickstart serves to align teams to a common enterprise mission and plan the first 8-12 week release or potentially shippable increment (PSI).

  • Intended for larger software enterprises who need to apply scalable lean and agile development methods in order to increase the productivity, quality, value delivery and strategic alignment of their software development teams
  • Five days
  • Consists of training, workshops and discussions

SAFe Gold Partner


Train 50-100 team members, (typically organized in to 8-12 newly formed Scrum teams in a common program), in the principles of Scaling Software Agility and the implementation of Scrum in an enterprise context. Objectives include:
  • Align the team to a common enterprise mission and product backlog and plan for the first release or potentially shippable increment (PSI, 8-12 weeks) of software. Establish iteration plans and measurable PSI objectives
  • Introduce prospective Product Owners and ScrumMasters to the principles and practices unique to their role in the new agile enterprise
  • Build a context and repetitive model for rolling-wave release planning, objective setting, program execution and adaptive feedback which provides a continuous flow of value to the user or marketplace