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Agile Testing | Test Execution Essentials

Test early and regularly to ensure quality of the resulting software system

Use this practice for a structured approach to the testing and quality assurance initiatives of a project and to improve estimating, monitoring and control of the test activities.

This practice allows teams to:

Identify tests, according to test objectives, that will steer the development of software and verify that the software system performs as specified. Build tests that provide the necessary test procedures and instructions. Execute tests to verify that the software system meets the evaluation criteria of the tests.

  • Add this new practice to your existing way of working
  • Focus on the essential things which need to be done
  • Ensure your development efforts stay on track

Things to Work With

This practice involves the production of a number of test work products: Test specifications that can refer to test cases Test results.

Key Competencies

This practice requires the team to be skilled in software testing and development. In addition, some leadership and coaching competencies may be required.

The most important of these are the Testing and Development skills as without these the scope and coverage of testing may be insufficient.

Things to Do

The practice starts by identifying tests to address one or more objectives.

It continues by building and executing the tests, delivering results for analysis. The results contribute to the overall quality measure of the software system; a further analysis outcome is the potential need to refine existing tests and identify new tests.