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Team Essentials Practice

Create the right working environment to enable the team to excel

Use this practice to bring together a project team and establish an eective working environment.

This practice allows teams to:

  • Adopt appropriate leadership and organizational patterns
  • Establish and gain the competencies needed to succeed
  • Develop effective ways to collaborate and organize their work
  • Come together so that all team members are able to contribute at the peak of their capability throughout the project
  • Add this new practice to your existing way of working
  • Focus on the essential things which need to be done
  • Ensure your development efforts stay on track

Things to Produce

  • This practice involves the establishment of eective team working and the production of related artifacts:
  • The team is formed and the team structure and responsibilities are captured in the team charter
  • Team members are integrated into the team and effective ways of collaborating evolved
  • Staffing information is captured in the project plans

Key Competencies

Leadership skills are necessary to bring the team together and to get the team working effectively. Co-operation from all the other team members is required but there is no specific level of competency needed.

Things to Do

The practice starts by forming the initial project team as part of the launch of the project.

Throughout the project plans are adapted to reect the stang and effectiveness of the team, the project team is guided to improve team working and remove any obstacles that prevent effective team working. Finally at the end of the project the team hands over any of its remaining responsibilities as the project is shut down.


This practice comes with a selection of proven team working patterns to assist the team in rapidly establishing the right relationships and collaborative environment.

Shown are key elements forming an agile, self-organizing team pattern. These can be mixed with the elements of other team working patterns to establish the right collaborative approach for the team.