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Product Essentials

Better manage your product releases

Use this practice to manage the development of successive evolutions of a software system as a series of product releases.

This practice allows teams to:

  • Develop a sound business case for their product
  • Plan the project as a series of major product releases each delivering real business benefit
  • Involve the stakeholders in the decision making process
  • Ensure that the product produced meets the real needs of the stakeholders
  • Manage the evolution of the software in a controlled, business focused fashion
  • Add this new practice to your existing way of working
  • Focus on the essential things which need to be done
  • Ensure your development efforts stay on track

Things to Produce

This practice involves the production of a number of business, planning and requirements artifacts:

  • The business case to establish the value of the product
  • Stakeholder analysis to ensure that the stakeholder community is understood and involved in the project
  • The feature list, glossary and release description to define the product and its releases
  • The project plan to outline how the series of releases will be produced

Key Competencies

This practice requires the team to be skilled in requirements elicitation, stakeholder management, product definition and release planning.

The most important of these are the skills of the customer representative and the analyst.

Things to Do

The practice starts by launching the project and establishing the product’s business case.

It continues by specifying and planning the product releases, and concludes with the packaging of the release and its acceptance by the customer.