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Sustainable Agile Transformation

All Organizations Evolve - Will Your Change Initiative Be Sustainable?

Scaling your agile transformation is one thing but ensuring your change program will stick and more importantly evolve as the demands from business and technology change is critical. The last thing your senior management team wants to hear is that your recent large-scale change program is now outdated or worse: null and void.

At IJI, we’ve provided coaching, consulting and training services to many large scale change programs and have developed a Sustainable Change Framework that helps guide our customers through our engagement and ensures programs continue long after our consultants have left the building!

  • We start by understanding your goals.
  • We work with you to define your change initiative, ensuring it’s aligned to corporate vision and goals and communicated effectively.
  • We introduce the Sustainable Change Framework ensuring your organization is set up to build a modular practice library, an effective coaching hub and engaged communities of practice.

Why a Framework?

A framework is a guide, a proven path of successful delivery in numerous organizations world-wide. We apply our framework to every unique situation, adapting where necessary, ensuring you receive the quickest return on investment.

We start by helping you define your change initiative which provides direction, ensuring that improvements are aligned to business vision and goals, driving continual evolution of the operating model.

Coaching hubs enable the change, offering inspiration and support to practitioners under the leadership of experienced agile coaches. Practice hubs are the focus for guidance and learning materials, harvesting new and evolving practices from the communities and sharing these for wider usage. Within the practitioner communities, clearly defined individual achievement levels provide coaching objectives that enable measurable skills uplift.

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