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How to Be Lean and Agile with Process, Checkpoints and Governance

Learn how to use simple cards and checklists to achieve lean governance for agile software development projects and programs. First presented as a webinar by Ian Spence on 23rd April 2014.

Part 3 in our 3 Part Agile Quick Talks Webinar Series

A mistake that many organizations make is to think that agility is an end in itself rather than an enabler for better business performance. It's critical for organizations to always remember why they are implementing an agile approach. In this webinar, Ian will share with participants how IJI has helped its clients to quantify the results they were looking for and how they measured the effect of their transformation on their business.

Better, Faster, Cheaper and Happier

KPN gains traction and hits targets with new measurement framework implemented with IJI.

Making Sense of Burn-downs, Burn-ups and other Practical Project Measures

In this one-hour webinar, Ian Spence reviews how you can create a practical dashboard for iterative projects by examining a number of popular measures and how you can use them on real projects.

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