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Agile Development Essentials

An Introductory Course on Agile Software Development Practices

This 1-day class is intended to provide software development project teams with the skills they need to apply agile development practices on their projects.

Training info

Course overview

It focuses on the practical application of the principles and practices underlying leading agile development approaches such as Scrum and User Stories.

The course includes practical workshops in which key techniques are practiced exactly as they would be on a real project.

Upon completion of the course, participants will understand:

  • Build effective, multi-discipline agile teams
  • Empower teams to operate at maximum eciency
  • Engage stakeholders to converge on the right business solution
  • Establish predictability of outcome and visibility of progress
  • Incrementally build and demonstrate product value
  • Respond to change
  • Continuously verify quality
  • Maximize the business value delivered by the team
  • Minimize documentation and other project overheads
  • Inspect, adapt and improve the team’s way of working
Other course info

This is a generic course suitable for all team members including: Developers, Analysts, Testers, Project Leads, Customer Representatives and Coaches.



For students interested in continued learning in this field, we suggest taking:

  • Use-Case Modelling
  • Managing Iterative Software Development
  • Component-Based Development with the UML
  • Use-Case Driven Testing
1 day