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Agile @ Scale Simulation

Experience the Power of Agile @ Scale

Under expert instruction, attendees experience how many agile teams can come together to deliver large and / or complex systems, and achieve goals that they could not deliver on their own. The session is very much hands-on with minimal slideware and maximum interaction. Throughout the session a complete wall of information will be created as a big visual information radiator. The good agile behaviours learned, the effective ways of running agile ceremonies, and the way information is displayed and manipulated can be directly applied to real programs straight away after the event.

Training info

Course overview

An agile software development approach accelerates progress and delivers value faster by working in smaller increments, reducing planning overhead, removing bottlenecks, improving collaboration between team members, and including the business as part of the team. Rather than focusing on rigid contracts and relying on comprehensive documentation, the agile project relies on transparent communication and personal accountability to drive results.

Many teams succeed with an agile approach, yet struggle when it comes to scaling up to the size and complexity required by large complex systems, systems-of-systems, or large programs of work.

This event demonstrates proven successful techniques for setting up a structure of many teams, controlling the flow of information, and planning and coordinating across all the teams.

The shift to an agile approach from the traditional approach is profound. We have found that no amount of explaining can adequately convey the differences between the approaches; one has to experience the agile approach in order to appreciate the benefits and the challenges of this new way of working. This is even truer for Agile @ Scale than it is for agile in the small.

This simulation can be performed as a practical application of the mechanisms that support Agile @ Scale appropriate to your organization or using a specific scaled agile framework such as SAFe or LeSS.

Other course info

Executives responsible for software, Business & IT Managers, Project and, Program Managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Architects and Practitioners.


Attendees should have some experience of working on, managing or participating in software development.

Customer reviews 

“Really excellent overview and presentation of agile in an engaging format. This needs to set the training standard for all our groups looking to adopt agile.”

“Brilliant! The first course anyone and everyone should do when embarking on agile.”

2 days