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Lean-Agile Governance

Assessing the Health and Status of Lean-Agile Enterprises and Teams

Lean and Agile comes in many flavours and is applied with varying degrees of rigor and formality at many different levels (team, project, program, value-stream, portfolio, enterprise). A key challenge is how to maintain good governance, with appropriate oversight and risk coverage, to ensure that investments are well-directed and protected, but without impeding responsiveness or delaying customer value, thereby diminishing their overall value and effectiveness. This hands-on workshop introduces and applies a number of simple but powerful tools to enable non-invasive governance in a heterogeneous and empowered lean-agile delivery organisation.

Training info

Course overview
  • Deploy clear and objective indicators of the status and health of any endeavour
  • Ensure transparency of status irrespective of chosen methodology (waterfall, lean, agile, …)
  • Define method-neutral quality gates for effective but non-intrusive lifecycle governance
  • Enable local-empowerment and flexibility of lean-agile practices without losing transparency
  • Objectively assess the coverage and adequacy of locally-tailored lean-agile ways-of-working
  • Use self-assessments to enable teams to inspect and adapt lean-agile working practices
Other course info
  • Team Leads / Agile Coaches / Facilitators / “Scrum Masters”
  • Quality / Compliance / Governance Processionals
  • IT Managers / Sponsors / Leaders
  • Lean-Agile Program/Project Managers (Release/Solution Train / Value Stream Engineers)
  • Process Improvement Change Agents / Process Groups / Process Engineers
What you receive 
  • Take-away ready-to-use enterprise and team health and status indicators and tools.
Date: 2017-11-28 09:00
1 Day