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Managing Iterative Software Development

Gain the Skills to Successfully Manage Iterative Software Development

This 3-day class is intended to equip project managers with the skills they need to successfully manage iterative software development projects.

Training info

Course overview

The course is independent of the particular software development process being followed.

For on-site delivery the course and its examples can be adapted to reflect the organisation’s chosen development and management processes. For example additional material is available to illustrate how iterative development can be managed within a PRINCE2® project environment. Throughout the class, common problems and their solutions will be explored.


Upon completion of the course, participants will understand:

  • the principles of iterative project management
  • the role and nature of the anchor points of an iterative project
  • the lifecycle of an iterative project and how to use it to control the project
  • how to use risk to steer the project
  • appropriate team structures and responsibilities
  • how to plan, manage and assess an iteration
  • how to plan, manage and assess a project
  • which metrics to collect to control an iterative project
  • which project management products to produce and when
  • which development products to monitor
  • how to handle and interpret estimates
  • how the dynamics of the project change across the lifecycle
  • how to adapt the iterative approach to cater for project scale
Other course info

Project Managers and Programme Managers.


Attendees should have some experience of managing and participating in software development projects.

3 days