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[email protected] Trainer Program

Our [email protected] Train the Trainer’s (SaST) course teaches current coaches and trainers how to instruct the key principles of Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum at Scale framework. This rigorous and interactive 5-day training will focus on the best practices and instructional techniques so that you can deliver maximum value to your scaling students. As a part of this course, you will prepare and present a case study from your own experience. Your instructors and peers will provide you with feedback to refine your work and make it ready to be taught in a [email protected] course. Your case study will become a part of an open-source, public library of [email protected] resources. The training culminates with you co-teaching a public [email protected] course, alongside an experienced instructor and your peers.

Training info

Course overview

[email protected] Trainers actively push the boundaries of Scrum application through their experience scaling agile organizations. [email protected] Trainers regularly contribute to the Scrum community by documenting and sharing their experience. Applicants must have demonstrable experience as a Scrum trainer, coach or consultant. Experience will be evaluated by [email protected] LLC. Additionally, applicants should have attended a Certified [email protected] Practitioner course prior to applying.

Accepted applicants must attend a [email protected] Train the Trainer course to become a [email protected] Trainer. For more information on [email protected] Train the Trainer courses, please see our website

The [email protected] Trainer credential is active for 365 days upon completion of the Trainer the Trainer course.

Other course info

You should be a Certified [email protected] Practitioner and have demonstrable experience as a Scrum Trainer, practitioner, or coach. Training experience will be evaluated by Scrum Inc. All [email protected] Trainer applicants must have a track record of leading training in a professional setting. You must also present a case study on scaling Scrum that meets our case study guidelines. The [email protected] Trainer Program Terms and Conditions details the fees, application requirements, and renewal requirements. Scrum Inc. will contact you after you submit an application to verify that you meet the prerequisites.

Membership details 

Only [email protected] Trainers can teach Certified [email protected] Practitioner courses. Courses must meet the criteria outlined in this document to qualify students for certification. All active [email protected] Trainers are entitled to:

  • Teach Certified [email protected] Practitioner Courses
  • List their courses on for public registration
  • Access your students’ test performance data which includes passing rate
  • Access to the [email protected] Trainer Resources including video recordings of [email protected] case studies.
  • Access to the latest versions of the Certified [email protected] Practitioner course materials and the [email protected] Train the Trainer course materials.
Renewal details 

[email protected] Trainers must renew their credential annually. The annual renewal cost is $5,000. For more on renewal requirements see the section “[email protected] Trainer Renewal” below.

You must renew your [email protected] Trainer credential within one calendar month of the expiration date. If you do not renew your credential within one calendar month, you may be required to repeat the Train the Trainer program. The requirement to repeat the Train the Trainer program is at the discretion of [email protected] LLC You may not teach any certified classes without an active credential.

To be eligible for renewal you must meeting the following criteria before your renewal date:

  • Submit at least one case study to the [email protected] repository. Case studies must document an experience within the last year. Case study submissions must include:

    • Supporting Slides in Power Point o A recording of you presenting the case study so that other trainers can understand the key learnings & nuances.
    • A detailed description of the context in which the case study was developed, including but not limited to: industry, organization size, number of teams, key reasons for scaling, challenges and successes.
    • A brief abstract that articulates the following data:
  • Review & provide feedback on at least two case studies submitted by other [email protected] Trainers. The feedback must be documented and include actionable suggestions for improvements on the content or presentation.
  • Contribute to building and supporting the Scrum community. This may be accomplished through the following activities, but is not limited to:
    • Presenting your case study at a conference
    • Volunteering your Scrum expertise with a non-profit organization
    • Publishing a paper in an accredited journal or conference
Date: 2018-10-15 -- 2018-10-17
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
5 Days
Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington