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Use-Case 2.0 Masterclass

Take Your Use-Case 2.0 Knowledge to the Next Level

This two-day course is designed for those that are already familiar with and practicing use-case modelling techniques but that want to take their knowledge to the next level. It combines the two single-day courses, (Use-Case 2.0 Conversion and Advanced Use-Case Modeling) to show how use case structures can be used to drive agile software development and then how these techniques can scale-up to large programmes of work. This course is a must for those serious about using use cases within a large software development.

Training info

Course overview

This is an advanced class on using use cases to drive agile software development and for large-scale software development projects.

Use-Case 2.0 Conversion

This class is intended to introduce experienced use-case modelers to Use-Case 2.0. It builds on the current state of the art practice to present an evolution of the use-case technique that we call Use-Case 2.0. Although the term suggests a new version of use cases, it does not refer to an update of the UML, but rather to a set of cumulative changes in the ways software developers and business analysts succeed with use cases.

The course focuses on how to use use cases in an agile and scalable fashion. The course starts with a simulation where the delegates will be directly exposed to the innovations at the heart of Use-Case 2.0. This is then followed by a workshop where any issues arising from the use of Use-Case 2.0 during the simulation will be addressed. Throughout the class, common problems and their solutions will be explored. Reference examples and exercise solutions are also supplied.

Advanced Use-Case Modeling

This class is intended to equip product owners and requirement engineers with the skills they need to successfully apply use-case modeling to the requirements management of large, or out-sourced, projects and programs. Throughout the class, common problems and their solutions will be explored.

The course includes detailed instruction in the use of the use-case relationships used to structure large, complex and re-usable use-case models, and a detailed examination of the system of systems pattern that lies, at the heart of the application of use cases to systems engineering and the development of very large systems. The course was developed by Ian Spence, co-author of the best-selling use case book ‘Use-Case Modeling’ (Addison Wesley, 2003).

2 days