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Use Case Driven Testing

An Intro Course on the Testing of Software Systems based on Use Cases

This 2-day class will equip delegates with skills and techniques necessary to effectively manage, elicit and document their test assets including test cases that are based on requirements being captured in terms of use cases. Throughout the class, common problems and their solutions will be explored.

Training info

Course overview

As part of the course the delegates will contribute to the construction of test assets including test scenarios and test cases.

This course is based on the Tester competency as defined and used in the context of the Essential Practices. This means that the all dierent testing competencies and skills that are required by the complete testing domain are not covered. The course focus is on the testing aspects of the following practices:

  • Use Case Essentials

  • Architecture Essentials

  • Component Essentials

  • Iterative Essentials

Upon completion of the course, delegates will understand:

  • How to test software based on requirements modeled as use cases

  • How to derive test cases from use cases

  • The different types, levels, purposes of testing

  • The principles of architecture and component tests

  • Which tests to do when

  • The iterative lifecycle of testing

  • The required skills of the tester

  • How to plan and track testing

  • That test cases derived from use cases can be used in different type of test

Other course info

This course focuses on the Tester competency and skills.


None. Working knowledge of software testing and some exposure to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is recommended.

2 days