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Use Cases – Agility included Course

Use Cases – Agility included Course

An introductory class on using use cases for agile projects. This is an Ivar Jacobson International training, brought to you by DiVetro, the official partner of Ivar Jacobson International in The Netherlands. This course is ideal for participants with prior knowledge of agile and no prior knowledge of use cases or participants with no prior knowledge of working agile with use cases. Participants with no prior knowledge of agile and its principles will get more value from our Use-Case 2.0 Introduction Training.

Training info

Course overview

This one-day class will equip delegates with the skills and techniques necessary to effectively elicit, communicate, and manage their requirements using use cases. In particular, they will learn how to apply use cases in agile projects. The course starts by understanding the need for documentation. Delegates will then learn how to quickly and simply build a use-case model, and prepare their use cases in an agile fashion without losing the just-enough and just-in-time principles. Throughout the class, common problems and their solutions will be explored. Reference examples and exercise solutions are also supplied.

Learning Objectives

After this course, you should be able to:

  • the principles behind just-enough and just-in-time;
  • the principles behind use-case modelling;
  • how to capture requirements in a use-case model;
  • how to build a product backlog using use cases;
  • how to slice use cases to create well-defined pieces of work for agile teams;
  • how to manage scope using use cases;
  • where actors and use cases come from;
  • how to write use-case narratives;
  • how to iteratively develop the use-case narratives;
  • how to manage detail;
  • when and where to use optional features such as include and extend.
Other course info

Product Owners, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Customer Representatives Requirements Managers, Requirement Engineers, Project Managers Developers and Testers.

What you receive 

Course PowerPoint Slides, PDF Workbooks and Handouts. Related Courses For students interested in continued learning in this field, we suggest taking Advanced Use Case Modeling.


Basic agile knowledge required.

1 day