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Pragmatic Product Management Webinar Series Part 2

The Seven Sins of Feature Preparation

Even agile ways of working suffer from “garbage in, garbage out” and require effective Product Management to ensure the regular delivery of real benefit to the customers and investors. Beyond agility the key to any successful long-term success with any agile approach or framework is effective product management and true Feature flow.

 Effective Product Management requires constant interaction with the customers and the developers, and awesome listening, negotiation, synthesis, communication and leadership skills, all of which can easily get lost if our focus is purely on which User Stories to focus on next.

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Many teams struggle to let go of their waterfall, silo mentality when they first transition to agile ways-of-working. In particular they shy away from collaboratively working on the definition, evolution and implementation of their backlog items insisting on up-front definition of Features and Stories, and clean handovers between the Product Owners and the Development Teams.

So what are the worst things you can do to compromise the agility of your program when using Features? Ian Spence will share his seven deadly sins of feature preparation, and the most wasteful practices he has seen teams adopt in their attempts to be better prepared for their planning events.

Attendees will receive The Features Should Flow Article and Poster.

Date: 2018-03-28
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
1 hour