About Us

Established in 2004, Ivar Jacobson International is a global services company providing high quality agile consulting, coaching and training solutions for customers implementing enterprise-scale agile software development.

We improve the performance of software development teams by introducing new practices, and removing barriers to their wider adoption.

Through the provision of high calibre people, innovative practices, and proven solutions, we ensure that our customers achieve strong business/IT alignment, high performing teams, and projects that deliver. See what makes us able to deliver more value faster, or explore our areas of expertise or our service offerings.

  • We offer an agile transformation approach, underpinned by proven intellectual assets, delivered by high-calibre consultants
  • Proven intellectual assets enable our teams to get engagements off to a quick start and rapidly deliver value, without “re-inventing the wheel” each time 
  • Consistently trusted by Industry to train their own agile trainers

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