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Contracting for Agile Development

Are you optimised for an
outsourced agile delivery team?

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Agile Transformation at SimCorp

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Instant Clarity of the Who, What, When, Where & Why!

Are arguments raging on which Agile method is best? The IJI Agile Essentials can help.

Scaling Agile

High Performance + Consistency

Can your agile change program scale and be sustained as corporate plans and personnel evolve over time? IJI can help!

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Are you struggling with a myriad of disconnected, conflicting, costly, contradictory and transitory methods and practices? Learn how to get started with Essence.


Agile Contracting Webinar

Are you optimized for an agile outsourced delivery team?

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Readily understand & quickly assess the SAFe Principles. Get your copy now.

New Practice Library

The first free-to-browse practice library leveraging the power of the Essence standard

IJI Named Top Agile Company to Watch

Enterprise Management 360 names IJI as one of six agile companies to watch


Learn how Essence is the Common Ground and can unlock Methods

Scott Ambler, of Disciplined Agile Delivery fame and one of the earliest signatories of SEMAT, has joined the SEMAT Advisory Board.

Agile Transformation in a Highly Regulated Environment

  • Reduced time to identify inter-dependencies and deliverables from months to days
  • Able to prioritize IT operations alongside business goals
  • Learned to develop effectively as a team