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Instant Clarity of the Who, What, When, Where & Why!

Are arguments raging on which Agile method is best? The IJI Agile Essentials can help.

Scaling Agile

High Performance + Consistency

Can your agile change program scale and be sustained as corporate plans and personnel evolve over time? IJI can help!

Enterprise Agile

Is your organization able to rapidly respond to marketplace shifts?

Eliminate conflicting goals and priorities, accelerate decision-making, grow strong leadership, reduce risk-averse cultures and abolish silos of information.


Fujitsu and IJI go Agile with Essence

IJI and Fujitsu worked closely in a highly agile, collaborative and adaptive way to design, refine and test the workshop approach.

Pragmatic Product Management

Watch the webinars & download resources

Small Scale SAFe Webinar

Running Small Value Streams in a SAFe Environment

New SAFe Principles Cards

Readily understand & quickly assess the SAFe Principles. Get your copy now.


Standing Room Only to Hear Ivar Discuss 50 Years of Software Engineering: So now what?

Dr. Jacobson to Deliver Public Lecture at Chalmers University

An Interview with Ivar Jacobson by BluePrint

Agile Transformation in a Highly Regulated Environment

  • Reduced time to identify inter-dependencies and deliverables from months to days
  • Able to prioritize IT operations alongside business goals
  • Learned to develop effectively as a team