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Jeff Sutherland Blogs about Scrum Essentials

Making Scrum Better with Essential Cards

3-Part Essence Webinar Series

Dr. Ivar Jacobson & Colleagues Deliver a 3-Part Essence Webinar Series

Small Scale SAFe Webinar

Running Small Value Streams in a SAFe Environment

Better Scrum Through Essence

NEW GAME RELEASED: Begin using them with your team to better understand & apply scrum. Download cards & learn games.


Standing Room Only to Hear Ivar Discuss 50 Years of Software Engineering: So now what?

Dr. Jacobson to Deliver Public Lecture at Chalmers University

An Interview with Ivar Jacobson by BluePrint

Agile Transformation in a Highly Regulated Environment

  • Reduced time to identify inter-dependencies and deliverables from months to days
  • Able to prioritize IT operations alongside business goals
  • Learned to develop effectively as a team