Use Cases - The Best Approach for Agile Requirements

It’s time to turn the lights on, see the big picture!

As creators and custodians of the Use Case technique, we are passionate about helping teams find, manage and drive agility with their requirements.

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Why Use Cases?

Drowning in a sea of Stories with no way of seeing the big picture?

Feeling this pain… then you need Use Cases…

Need an agile requirements approach that can provide rigor where needed?

Feeling this pain… then you need Use Cases…

Stakeholders talk big picture ‘use cases’, but development teams talk user stories, need both?
Feeling this pain… then you need Use Cases…

Use-Case 2.0 eLearning

Master the new generation of Use-Cases – from the creator of Use-Cases:

  • Start seeing the big picture and the associated business value
  • Everything from User Stories but more
  • An agile, scalable approach ideal to work with popular frameworks such as SAF

Learn more or…

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Use Case Training

We have a range of use case courses available from a simple e-learning primer on agility with use cases to a course designed to help organizations apply the use case technique as they scale-up and use scaling frameworks such as SAFe and Scrum@Scale.  Our key courses are available privately for organizations either as face-to-face courses, or delivered remotely.

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Scaling with Use Cases

Check out our new course Use Case Modelling for Agile at Scale.  If you are struggling to understand what your system actually does, or even what it is intended to do, because your product backlog does not provide a coherent or consistent description of the system or because you have no permanent record of what you’ve done; then this is the course for you…

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Agility with Use Cases - Use Case 2.0

Use Case 2.0 is a major update to the Use Case thinking.  It adds more explicit support for teams using the use case approach in agile environments. Use-Case 2.0 brings together the lightness of user stories with the power of modelling, into a single agile requirements management framework.
Learn how to quickly and simply build a use-case model, and prepare use cases in an agile fashion.

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Free Use Case Support Resources

We have a wide range of support assets that we have built up over years of helping teams with their use case modelling efforts. They are provided here free of charge to help set your modelling efforts in the right direction!

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Want to get going with Use Cases? – How we can help…

As creators and founders of use case technique we have the world’s best and most experienced experts on hand to help your organization master the practice. We provide:

  • Training – from getting started with Use Case 2.0, to Use Case Modelling for Agile at Scale we have training solutions that can be tailored to all levels of experience.​
  • Coaching and Consulting – hands-on support for business analysts, product owners and teams to get up and running with the technique. We can seed your use case modelling effort with an initial workshop and then work with your teams until they are self-sufficient in the technique. Contact Us to speak with one of our experts for help.​
  • Knowledge – centred around our Use Case 2.0 Practice, we have a vast library of assets to help teams get up and running fast to make effective, game-changing use of the technique.

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