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Need some help as you get going with Use Cases?

Check out our library of Use Case support assets below.  These ideas and associated collateral have built up over years of supporting teams and organizations take on the use case approach.  We have experts that can help, from facilitating a simple Use Case modelling workshop right through to a transformation to the use case approach for requirements, organization wide. 

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Use Case 2.0 Practice Cards

A scalable, agile practice that uses use cases to capture a set of requirements and drive the incremental development of a system to fulfill them.  Use this practice to capture requirements in an accessible form and drive the development of software.

Download the Cards and consider some serious games to help learn and use the practice on your endeavour. 

Use Case 2.0 and its Role in Software Development

Use cases have been around for almost 30 years as a requirements approach and have been part of the inspiration for more recent development artifacts such as user stories. Now the inspiration has flown in the other direction. Use-Case 2.0, as developed by Ivar Jacobson, Ian Spence, and Brian Kerr, is the new generation of use-case-driven development—light, Agile, and lean…

Use Case 2.0 e-Book

Use-Case 2.0 re-focuses on the essentials and offers a slimmed down, leaner way of working, for software teams seeking the benefits of iterative, incremental development at an enterprise level.

Using Use Cases to Manage your SAFe Solution Intent

In this short webinar we will provide an overview of:

  • The role of solution intent and its relationship to the team, program and solution backlogs
  • The fixed and variable aspects of the solution intent
  • How use-cases can help structure and iteratively evolve your solution intent
  • How use-cases can help to organize your trains to improve flow
  • How use-cases can help to improve your backlogs
  • How use-cases can help manage your test assets

Use Case 2.0
The Hub of
Software Development

This detailed paper makes the argument that use cases essentially include the techniques that are provided by user stories but also offer significantly more for larger systems, larger teams, and more complex and demanding developments. Use Cases are as lightweight as user stories, but can also scale in a smooth and structured way to incorporate as much detail as needed. Most importantly the paper shows how Use Cases drive and connect many other aspects of software development.

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