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World-class SAFe Support Services

As one of the earliest SAFe Gold Partners and having had some of the first SAFe Program Consultant Trainers and SAFe Fellows around, we are hugely experienced in delivering SAFe take-on support services.  Whether you are dipping your toes into the water and launching your first Agile Release Train, or embarking on a company wide transformation, we can be your trusted partner for success!

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Scaled Agile Gold Partner  - Ivar Jacobson

Free SAFe Support Resources

Over the many years we have been helping organizations with SAFe adoptions, we have built up a varied range of support resources to help teams understand the key ideas within the framework.  These assets not only help teams learn quicker but also help coaches and facilitators communicate key principles in innovative, engaging ways.

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We Train

Training is a huge part of any successful move to SAFe.  We have trained thousands of students in SAFe, both via our Public Training Academy, or via dedicated private client-specific courses.  Our team of hugely experienced trainers can cover all the current Scaled Agile training course offerings either face-to-face or remotely via electronic means.

Take a look at our public course calendar here, to review  course content or book, or read more about our private client-specific course service.

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We Coach / Consult

We are here to help.  Whether you are establishing a Lean Portfolio,  prepping and facilitating a big room planning event, or just need to get better at SAFe-style team level agile practices, we have experts that have been there before and can help short-cut your endeavors.  We have a number of simple pre-packed SAFe services that you may find helpful, such as Executive Briefings and Agile Release Train Quick-starts that can be useful on their own or as part of a larger more co-ordinated transformation program.  Please explore our SAFe take-on Support Services to find out more, or better still reach out and contact us for a conversation around how we can help!

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SAFe take-on Support Services

With years of experience of helping organizations adopt SAFe, we have harvested and packaged a set of standard service offerings to get your SAFe initiative on-track or back on-track…

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We Support Transformation

Planning and then implementing a large-scale transformation to SAFe can be a daunting experience.  We have provided help and support to many such endeavors for organizations all around the world.  Our experienced Change Advisors can help with all aspects, from the initial planning through the establishment of your LACE, the required organization change and  the training / coaching / consulting support necessary.  We can help you navigate the SAFe Implementation Roadmap, utilizing our own Sustainable Change Framework to get and keep you on the path to success!

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Our Provenance

Led by our founder Dr. Ivar Jacobson, Ivar Jacobson International has a deep provenance of helping clients take on new development practices to transform the productivity of their ways of working.  Whilst we remain method agnostic, we are specialists in all things SAFe.  We are industry experts, consulting, coaching, mentoring in all aspects of modern product development.  Our work ranges from helping individual teams getting up and running with new development practices to helping huge organizations transform with our Sustainable Change Framework

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Our Great People

Led by two SAFe® Fellows (Scaled Agile’s most prestigious distinction), IJI can boast a hugely experienced team of SAFe consultants and trainers.  Our people have led countless agile, scaled agile and other practice adoption initiatives helping organizations in many verticals develop better, faster, cheaper and happier. We have trained thousands of people around the globe for over ten years and have a thriving public training academy that can be leveraged as necessary to support any client initiatives.  We can teach any of the courses on the current SAFe Training course curriculum, from Implementing SAFe down!

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Consistently Trusted by Industry

We have helped organizations all over the world of all shapes and sizes get going with SAFe and increase business agility.  Whether it’s just an internal company training course, a SAFe agile refresh, or a full-scale SAFe transformation initiative, we’re expert at training the SAFe trainers and consultants of the future.

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