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We provide high quality agile consulting, coaching and mentoring services for customers implementing agile, scaled agile and many other development practices. From small co-located teams, through large portfolios to geographically dispersed organizations. Whether you’re just getting started, ready to scale up, or looking to embed new practices across your organization, we can support you with our range of consulting services to fit your specific needs.

Experience Counts

Led by our founder Dr. Ivar Jacobson, Ivar Jacobson International has a deep provenance of helping clients take on new development practices to transform the productivity of their ways of working.  We are method agnostic industry experts, consulting, coaching, mentoring in all aspects of modern product development.  Our work ranges from helping individual teams getting up and running with new development practices to helping huge organizations transform with our Sustainable Change Framework

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Vast Intellectual Property Library

We don’t just follow!  We write the agile books, papers and practices that teams use to drive their endeavors forward.

We have a large library of proven Agile and Software Development Practices that can be used to inform the design and development of an organization’s operating model.  This includes bespoke team and scaled agile approaches, our Agile Use Case approach (Use Case 2.0) plus a myriad of assets to support the adoption of popular frameworks such as SAFe and Scrum@Scale.

All our consultants come backed with our organizational knowledge and expertise and are experienced agile change practitioners.

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Support from Great people!

Led by two SAFe® Fellows (Scaled Agile’s most prestigious distinction), IJI can boast a hugely experienced team of agile consultants and trainers.  Our people have led countless agile, scaled agile and other practice adoption initiatives helping organizations in many verticals develop better, faster, cheaper and happier. We have trained thousands of people around the globe for over ten years and have a thriving public training academy that can be leveraged as necessary to support any client initiatives.

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Experts in Sustainable Agile Change

Facilitating transformational change in ways-of-working is our business!

We base our approach on our Sustainable Change Framework.  The framework is our generic model of how to implement any change, irrespective of the desired target operating model.

The framework uses agile and lean principles and applies them to the change endeavor itself.  We only apply those parts of the framework that are appropriate to the task in hand.  It is a sort of recipe book for all of the tools and techniques that can be applied. 

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Support at all Levels

We been providing world-class Consulting and Coaching to organizations for many years. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of coaches and consultants who are comfortable supporting organizations switching to new ways of working at all levels. We have expertise that ranges from coaching C-Level executives in the key concepts, right through to hands-on support for teams and team members - contact us now to see how our Agile consulting can help you.

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