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Agile Leadership Event

Agile Leadership Event

A Senior IT Leadership Forum

A Morning Event Crafted Exclusively for Agile Executives

Not an Executive? Attend our Agile Manage Workshops: Agile in Practice: Empowering Agile Teams

Agile adoption is very reliant on the technical competence of the teams and how they work together; however the support of an engaged, lead-by-example executive team is critical for success at enterprise-scale. Join this interactive two-hour session and discuss, debate and learn alongside other executives how you can begin delivering faster results whilst improving delivery quality.

SimCorp, an investment management solution provider that manages over $19 trillion in assets couldn’t afford to second-guess their decisions when they decided to transform their organisation from a heavily-governed waterfall process to Agile. One of the key enablers to their agile transformation was that senior management was extremely favourable of driving the change. They believed in the process and believed that increased productivity would result from their agile transformation.

Join us with special guest Georg Hedrot, Chief Technology Officer at SimCorp, Chris Bezuidenhout, Director, Strategic P&L at Deutsche Bank along with Ian Spence, Chief Scientist at Ivar Jacobson International and Brian Kerr, Principal Consultant as the group discusses:

  • Sustaining a High Performance Organisation, Moving Fast and at Scale
  • Empowering Teams as a Servant Leader
  • The Quest to Build High Functioning Teams
  • Creating a Resilient Organisation

This event has very limited capacity and is for senior level executives.

Interested in learning more about Agile in Practice? Stay for the Agile Practitioner Workshops commencing at 10:45 am. Learn more

Interested but can’t attend? Complete this form and we’ll email you the presentation materials after the event.

About the Speakers

Georg Hedrot

Georg Hetrodt

Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President

Georg has been with SimCorp since 1998. Before stepping into his current position in 2009, he was Managing Director of SimCorp’s Central Europe. He is a member of SimCorp A/S’ Executive Management Board and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Dyalog Ltd. In his role, George has led SimCorp’s agile transformation initiative. To learn more, watch the SimCorp Agile Transformation video.

Chris Bezuidenhout

Director, Strategic P&L
Deutsche Bank
Chris will be joining the panel discussion to answer questions and provide his thoughts on their agile transformation programme at DB.

Ian Spence

Ian Spence

Chief Scientist
Ivar Jacobson International

Ian was one of the first European SAFe Program Consultant Trainer’s; a reflection of not just his knowledge of SAFe but also his long experience working with Dean Leffingwell over the last 15 years, and his vast experience of successfully leading large-scale agile transformations. He has coached and consulted a number of companies through their agile transformations including Schneider Electric (over 18 teams across three continents), Nordea (over 100 people in one room), MunichRe and Ericsson Modems. Ian regularly appears at conferences, publishes books and articles, and conducts webinars and seminars.

Brian Kerr

Brian Kerr

Principal Consultant
Ivar Jacobson International

Brian is an experienced agile coach, consultant, trainer, and change agent. He has spent the last 20 years in the software and IT consulting industry as a practitioner and coach, and is one of the Founders of IJI in the UK. Brian specializes in the adoption of key software development practices in a pragmatic and sustainable way. He has broad expertise in agile, iterative and incremental software development processes such as SCRUM, the Essential Unified Process, the Unified Process, and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

When: Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Where: Tower of London
Time: 8:30 am – 10:30 am

Stay for our Practitioner Workshops Starting at 10:45 am: Agile in Practice: Empowering Agile Teams

Followed by Q&A and a light lunch

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IMPORTANT: To gain access to the Tower of London you must receive an invitation from IJI with access information. Your submission will be reviewed and we will get back to you as soon as possible.