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IJI has some of the most experienced SAFe trainers in the world. They have been involved in countless scaled agile transformations. They have recorded a number of coaching videos that you can watch completely free!

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Organizing Around Value Webinar Series

This is a free webinar series exploring organisation around value for scaled agility. One key principle within the Scaled Agile Framework is to Organise Around Value, but this is easier said than done.

Brian Tucker, Rune Christensen, and Odile explore Aligning Around Value, Development Value Stream Patterns, and Funding and Reporting Value, with the ultimate goal of Organizing Around Value.

How to Scale Agile Teams Video

How can groups of independently successful teams, be scaled up to work efficiently? This video series takes you through three, 20minute videos to explain how to scale up to an Enterprise level, without killing the agility!

What is Portfolio Kanban? Video

Looking to understand the detail behind successfully managing your Epics? This video series explains how the Portfolio Kanban should work and what can sometimes go wrong. Tips and techniques to match the real world experience of LPM!

Purpose of Lean Portfolio Management Video

“Always show your working out!” was the mantra of my maths teacher in senior school. This series of blog posts “On the Nature of Lean Portfolios” is an exploration of Lean Portfolios. It is the thought processes running through my mind, exploring the possibilities so that I understand why things are happening rather than just doing those things blindly…

Pragmatic Product Management Videos

This three part coaching series by one of our expert SAFe Fellows explains why agile ways of working suffer from “garbage in, garbage out” and require effective Product Management to ensure the regular delivery of real benefit to the customers and investors. Effective Product Management requires constant interaction with customers and developers, and awesome listening, negotiation, synthesis, communication and leadership skills, all of which can easily get lost if our focus is purely on which User Stories to focus on next.

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Wherever you are on your SAFe journey, let us help. Brian has many years of executive coaching and is expert and helping ensure trains launch and stay on tracks. For businesses where a previous roll out has “hit the buffers”, he’s is expert in diagnosing issues and coaching for success.

He has helped set up numerous portfolios and can help senior management to better apply the SAFe principles , helping them connect their business strategy to execution.

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