Patrick Pronk

Patrick Pronk
Principal Consultant

Patrick is a Principal Consultant who has worked since 1999 in the Information Management domain providing his expertise on business intelligence, enterprise data warehousing, enterprise application integration, master data management and enterprise content management. He has worked as a consultant and later as an employee at a large enterprise in the healthcare, lighting and consumer lifestyle sector, based in The Netherlands. He has functional experience in finance, supply chain, sales & marketing, security & authorization and quality & regulations. Patrick has trained, coached and supported a variety of business, IT and vendor stakeholders in how to apply the Lean and Agile principles and practices within their teams and programs. He was actively involved in shifting the paradigm from traditional waterfall thinking to the Lean and Agile mindset. Patrick is a SAFe Program Consultant and Certified Scrum Master.

“Patrick is a structured teacher. We got through the material in time and even with a lot of good discussion and questions.”

“Very skilled instructor with a deep knowledge of SC which made it easy for him to relate and come with relevant examples.”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and communicated some very easy to understand examples.”

“He only had two days so I think he did a good job focusing on important stuff. He was able to step out of the ‘theory’ and understand practicalities, but still with focus on that it is possible do it like it is written..”

“Patrick was quite honestly an expert in this area. Demonstrated by his ability to answer any question thrown at him with practical examples also…”

“Patrick’s knowledge is excellent - he could answer difficult practical question that we face every day with reference to the course content…”

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