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New Year, New Principle: Download Updated SAFe Principle Cards for Version 5.0


To help people with the support and roll-out of version 5.0 we have upgraded our ever popular SAFe® Principle cards to 1) add the new 10th principle “Organize around value” and 2) make a few minor improvements to the original nine cards (see if you can spot the new quote).

Download the new cards by filling out the form below and visit the old blog for some hints and tips on how to use them (

Download Cards

Interested in trying out the card game in a virtual environment? Check out the below game board constructed in Mural and save the below template for future use!

SAFe Principle Games by MURAL

Open to create a mural from this template in your workspace. Powered by MURAL

Many thanks to the entire IJI SAFe team in their help updating the card deck and in particular SAFe Fellow Brian Tucker, SPCT Keith De Mendonca and SPC Richard Cook for their detailed reviews, ideas and comments.