SAFe 6.0 Principles Cards

Really want to get under the skin of the SAFe Principles?

Browse the blogs below and download our various SAFe Principles cards to help you better understand the Principles and how they can help improve your application of SAFe.

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Generic SAFe Principles Cards

Updated for SAFe 6.0!

The SAFe® principles are very powerful but they can be quite hard for people to understand and therefore whole-heartedly support.

To this end we have produced a set of poker-sized cards that we believe present the ten SAFe® principles in a self-contained, readily accessible fashion — allowing executives, leaders, and team members to readily understand them and quickly assess their relevance. This is something that is invaluable at any stage of a SAFe® adoption. Read the blog to see the games that can assist your teams in analysing gaps and applying Lean-Agile thinking.

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Product Owner / Product Manager Principles Cards

Safe Principles for PO and PM Image

Updated for SAFe 6.0!

One of the key roles in SAFe is that of the content authority, a role performed by the Product Management group for the ART and the Product Owner community for the teams.

The agility of this group is fundamental to the benefit you will gain from the Team’s agility. If the Product Managers and Product Owners are not Agile and living and breathing SAFe’s Lean and Agile Principles and Values then the Agile Release Train (ART) will not deliver the benefits promised by SAFe.

SAFe Architects Principles Cards

Updated for SAFe 6.0!

Architects are responsible for overall technical excellence and driving the technical direction of the Solutions they own. However, they may find themselves disconnected from the day-day work of the software engineers and find it difficult to align their long-term Architectural plans with the incremental and iterative plans created by Agile development teams. Engineers focus every day on delivering solutions to complex technical problems, but they may not fully appreciate how the way they work together, and the way they make decisions together, can have a profound impact on the speed and quality of their deliveries.

Safe Principles for System Architects Image

RTE and SSM Principles Cards

Safe Principles for Scrum Masters and RTEs Image

Updated for SAFe 6.0!

The Release Train Engineers and Scrum Masters should be the most Agile people on the ART as it is their job to grow and stimulate an Agile mindset across everyone in their teams.

Unfortunately, they can fall into the trap of thinking that many of the SAFe Principles are for others rather than themselves. For example - they may believe that ‘Taking an Economic View’ is just something Product Managers need to think about, or that Systems Thinking is just for the Architects.

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