Product Ownership Infographic & Health Check Guide

Successful Traits for Effective Product Ownership

Key to realizing benefits from agile is strong customer representation through empowered Product Ownership – to guide the team in delivering a solution that maximizes end-user value.

But this is also often the hardest agile practice to get working effectively, because of its novelty for many stepping into the role, and because of the challenges in balancing time commitments with existing business responsibilities, and combining incisive decision-making with broad-based stakeholder representation and negotiation.

Our Product Ownership Health Check provides a simple but powerful tool to assess the health of this critical capability, and highlight remedial actions and improvement opportunities.

This handy guide, explores the following critical areas of Product Ownership:

  • Empowerment
  • Ownership
  • Availability
  • Vision
  • Value
  • Feedback
  • Quality
  • Networking
  • Teaming
  • Recognition

Download the infographic and post it on your wall as a daily reminder of what’s needed or better yet, download our Product Ownership Health Check Guide.

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