How to work with Adaptive Funding Essentials

What is Adaptive Funding? - Part of IJI Agile at Scale Practice Pack

Agile at Scale practices provide a starter kit that describes key common aspects of scaled agile development. Each practice contains cards that provide succinct advice on how to adopt and apply the practice.

The Adaptive Funding (AF) practice provides guidance to allocate budgets across development portfolios and to forecast budget requirements in a continuous manner.

The practice provides guidance to help ensure:

  • The team contains all the specialist skills needed to get the whole job done
  • Agile development teams think hard about design, but focus on adopting the simplest approach possible
  • Fast feedback loops are used to provide as much feedback as possible as early as possible
  • The team takes shared responsibility for the product
  • Quality is planned, designed and built in
  • Each item of technical debt is logged, and its subsequent removal prioritized
  • Actions are automated as much as possible.

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