Periodic Alignment Essentials

Part of the IJI Agile at Scale Practice Pack

Agile at Scale practices provide a starter kit that describes key common aspects of scaled agile development. Each practice contains cards that provide succinct advice on how to adopt and apply the practice. The Periodic Alignment Practice aligns work priorities and plans of many teams to overall goals using synchronized planning cadences. The practice supports: * An effective way to manage work across many interdependent teams is to synchronize the team timebox “heartbeats” within a larger regular cadence cycle. * Two-­Pass (“W”) Planning: To Plan a Cycle use a two-­pass approach. * Capacity allocation to different kinds of work (e.g. new features, architecture enhancements, refactoring, defect fixing, usability improvements etc.) * Centralizing scarce resources to help smooth flow and reduce queues and lead-­time


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