Shared Backlog Essentials

Part of the IJI Agile at Scale Practice Pack

Agile at Scale practices provide a starter kit that describes key common aspects of scaled agile development. Each practice contains cards that provide succinct advice on how to adopt and apply the practice.

The Shared Backlog Essentials Practices help prioritize and marshal the delivery of product value requiring the collaboration of many teams.

The practice provides guidance to:

  • Have a clear definition of what it means for any Shared Backlog Item to be fully completed and ready for release
  • Test-­First Integration: The Product Backlog Items that need to be developed in order to implement a Shared Backlog Item are specified by defining the tests that must pass for each to be considered “done”
  • Continuous Cross-­Product Integration: Code from different component products is continuously integrated so that there is always a tested, working integrated build of the composite releasable product
  • Calibrated Estimating: Where many teams work to deliver a Shared Backlog Item, we need to be able to compare like-­with-­like across team estimates, so we need a shared, calibrated measurement unit
  • Dependency Management: When many teams are working to evolve a complex product, dependencies between teams need to be managed
  • Priority Alignment: The priority of completing a Shared Backlog Item may need to be balanced with other items on the Product Backlogs of the different teams

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